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Campaign Slogans - Political Slogans

Here are some outstanding political campaign slogans you can usewhen running for political office:

  1. Your trusted friend
  2. Experience where it counts
  3. Taking action, getting results
  4. Seasoned Leader
  5. Results with resolve
  6. You want great results, (Name) wants great resolve
  7. Focused on what counts, the people
  8. Keeping the “public” in public service
  9. Protect our Streets
  10. Your loyal civil servant
  11. You will find more change with (Name) for (Office) than in your pocket
  12. (Name) for (office) He/She is eager to work, your eager for results
  13. (Name) managing the future
  14. Elect (name) time for a new generation of leaders to step up
  15. Re-elect (Name) experience where it counts
  16. It’s time for progress, Vote (Name) for (Office)
  17. Elect (Name) a good leader must be a great servant
  18. Protect our streets
  19. Stop the violence
  20. Keeping our families/communities safe
  21. Stop the sprawl
  22. Enforcing education
  23. Give more than apples to our teachers
  24. Save our schools
  25. Building educational momentum
  26. The choice for better change.
  27. Breaking barriers, building a future
  28. Education makes options. (Name) makes results
  29. A fresh start
  30. A new voice
  31. A New vision
  32. New leadership
  33. Seek something better
  34. Tomorrow is looking great
  35. A new brand of politics
  36. A new vision for (Name) County
  37. Securing our future
  38. Vote for tomorrow
  39. Hope for tomorrow
  40. The choice for change
  41. Progress you know
  42. Building for the future
  43. Building a brighter tomorrow
  44. The right direction
  45. Time for change
  46. Create change
  47. Vote for the future now
  48. Responsible leadership
  49. Leadership you know and value
  50. Local Leader
  51. New leadership for a brighter future
  52. Seasoned leader
  53. Time for a new generation of leaders to step up
  54. Dedicated proven leadership
  55. Put experience on our side
  56. Most qualified
  57. Let my experience work for you
  58. Progress you know
  59. Service to our country. Service to you
  60. A veteran who cares
  61. Has served our country now ready
  62. The change we need.  The voice we deserve.
  63. The new game in town
  64. New vision. New Direction
  65. Managing the future
  66. For the future
  67. It’s time for progress
  68. Expect more
  69. A fresh face, a fresh start
  70. Our Future is Green
  71. Experience where it counts
  72. Dedicated proven leadership
  73. Experienced, dependable, honest
  74. Qualified and ready for the job

What's Your Slogan?