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digital marketing for political Campaigns

How to Build an Outstanding Political Campaign Website

Political Campaign Websites

Domain Name: The first thing you need to do is obtain a domain name for your campaign. Actually, it would not be a bad idea to purchase several domain names related to your name and the office you’ll be running for. Domain names costs on the average $15 a year and it will protect your name and your brand.

Branding: The second thing you need to do is create a logo to establish yourself and brand your campaign. Add your new brand on all your campaign materials, videos and website. It will help those voters that only have a few minutes to look at your message and remember you at the ballot box.

Website: The third thing you need to do is build a user friendly website that is Search Engine Optimized, Mobile Ready, that has Voter Management, News, Events, Donations, Tickets, Volunteer Management, Photos, Videos, social media links and much more.  Don’t worry SnapSite has you covered.

Once you get your site up and running you will need to add content to your homepage that will engage the voters and encourage them to return and share your message.  Continuously update your News/Blog with your announcements and press releases and don’t forget to share every message on Social Media.  Again SnapSite has you covered.

Social Media: is the easiest way to create and build relationships with voters.  To do this share every announcement you have on your site to Social Media, this will keep visitors engaged and up-to-date with your message.   

Email marketing: is a great way to connect with voters. With you can use our built in Email Blaster or Mailchimp to keep voters updated.   Create an email list, start with friends and family first and ask them to share and invite 10 people and so on, this will help grow your list of voters. 



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Quick & Simple Setup

Just submit a simple registration form and our system will automatically create a default website for you with sample pages and content you can start editing right after receiving a confirmation email.

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Professional Appearance

We offer dozens of professional templates to choose from. You can control the template content and layout with an easy to use, user-friendly web interface.

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Social Integration

Give supporters the ability to use their social account to create a volunteer profile on your website and get all the power of content sharing via social networks.