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Welcome to SnapSite! Web Solutions, the simple solution to easily and affordably update the content on your website yourself... without knowing any programming skills. It is perfect for small businesses, local government or organizations with a modest budget. 

We will build your new website or redesign your current website including:

A Custom-Created Professional Design. Every SnapSite! website we create has a unique custom "site style" design. This is the design that wraps around the perimeter of every page of your website and provides the unique look and feel. This design is based on your company colors, logo, and preferences.

An Easy Way To Update Your Website. The best part about SnapSite! is that you can make changes to your website's content yourself easily and instantly. Once we have completed your website, we will teach you how to easily change it yourself. You will be able to add, change, or remove web pages, text, images, links, products for sale, and much more!

An Affordable Price. SnapSite! fits the small business budget. There is a reasonable fee to create the website based on the size of the website, and then one low monthly fee that includes:




Our pricing makes Snap Site an effective, affordable solution for every size of local government. With SnapSite, you don't pay for a bunch of pricy features you don’t want or need. Our solution provides all the core features used by most local governments and enables you to add more specialized features as needed. 

In short, we’re easier to usemore affordable, and offer the features you and your citizens needdesigned to fit a government budget.