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The Key to winning local elections whether it be city council, mayor, school board or county board is to outwork your opponent.  Yes your message and campaign signs do help but in local elections the people want to meet the candidate they are going to vote to represent them.  They want to be able to look them in the eye, shake their hand and talk to the candidate about the issues. (Don’t wait until the last minute to meet your constituents, start early)

To be a winning candidate in your political election you need to out campaign your political opponent so bad that you need to buy a new pair of shoes.  You need to knock on doors, go to every local event, calling voters, create a Campaign Website; you want to ingrain your name into the voters’ minds. 

Keep in mind that running for office is hard work, knocking on every door in your district is hard, Calling every registered voter is hard, sending personal cards to voters is hard, going to local events is hard work.  To Win your Campaign you will need to work hard and outwork your opponent in every step but always assume you are losing the election, this will make you work even harder.  If you do more difficult tasks than you adversary does on the campaign trail, and do it consistently, your odds of winning your local election increase enormously. 

For local grassroots campaigning, you can’t do too much; you have to outwork the opposition on all fronts.  As I said assume you are losing this is how local political candidates win their elections.  This is how I have won my election, I remember people telling me they were tired of seeing me, my website, newspaper ads and my signs.  But at the end the voters saw how hard I worked and voted for me.