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Make your Mission Statement Obvious

You have a mission or goal you’re working toward, right?

When a supporter lands on your website, make that mission crystal clear. Are you an organization that promotes the right to education? Include imagery and testimonials from students. Are you working to protect animals? Break out those cute puppy pics. The goal isn’t to beat people over the head with your mission, but just to make sure your organization’s brand and identity is clear for folks who may be coming to your site for the first time.

Use Content to Attrack Supporters

You have only 10 seconds to engage supporters once they land on your website, so make it interesting. 

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Make your Site Donor Friendly

Fundraising is at the core of any nonprofit, so make it easy for your donors to donate from your website. Take note from National Organization for Women and Breast Cancer ActionA good rule of thumb: Try to keep supporters just one click away from your donation form no matter where they are on your site. 


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Make Volunteer Recruitment Easy

If your organization uses lots of volunteers, then think about how volunteering opportunities are integrated into your website. Do you only have an option to volunteer from your homepage? How easy is it for volunteers to click to join from other pages on your site as well?


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Add Story Telling

A picture really does say a thousand words. Use imagery to draw in supporters and tell the story of your mission. If used correctly, images will have a much stronger impact than words when encouraging people to donate and join your organization. Prison Fellowship and Bronx Defenders get an A+ in visual storytelling.


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Make Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, everyone is always on-the-go - including your supporters. So don’t count on the first impression of your website being seen on a computer. Optimize your site for mobile accessibility and capture donor interest on any device.


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Make Social Media Friendly

Expand your connection with your supporters across all social media channels. From your website, give them easy access to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Integrating your social media buttons into your website increases engagement and awareness. Check out how Environmental Working Group and Keep America Fishing keep social sharing prominently displayed on their homepages. If you haven’t already, here is a good round-up of our top five social media blog articles for nonprofits.


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