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non profit website builder

Run a successful campaign with the help of your volunteers and advanced interacting tools we provide.

People Profile

  • Integrated people, donor and volunteer management. 
  • Supporters join via social media and data stored in the people profile
  • They get access to the communication and contribution facilities.
  • Send individual or group email blast.
Supporter Profile

Spread the Word Icon

Spread the Word

  • Supporters can refer friends and colleagues, and expand your network.
  • Personal referring link and advanced social referring tools are available.
  • Maintain referral statistics for each supporter.

Schedule Email Blast

Associate your email blast with the definite event by scheduling the blast date.

Advanced Targeting Icon

Personalized Messages Icon

Personalized Messages

  • Use our email templates or create your own perfect layout to give your message a personalized look.
  • Dynamic variables will automatically include receiver information into every message.

Email Blast

Email Blast

Keep in your voters informed with email blast

Online Donations

Online Donations

Receive donations for your campaign or cause



Use our polling system to gauge voter opinion.